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Uncovering the truth
Ed Fordham is the LibDem candidate for the new seat of Hampstead & Kilburn. He asked Stephen Taylor to cover a meeting in Westminster on publishing government data. Here, in the new spirit of transparency, is his report. OurKingdom

The servants spy on their masters
Stephen Taylor describes the ‘Transformational Government’ agenda and the National Identity Register, which would survive the cancelling of ID cards, and should be of concern to us all. OurKingdom

Hidden danger in Identity Register schemes
Every move you make, they’ll be watching you. Hampstead & Highgate Express

Software Development as a Collaborative Writing Project
Writing software is more like drafting legislation or writing a screenplay than it is like engineering. Paper for XP2006. 197Kb

Pair Programming with the Users
Why write specifications when you can collaborate with the users on executable code? HTML

Industrial FP: A case study
A functional programming solution to interpreting a file from a mainframe. HTML

Liquid Mathematics
A review of Robert Bringhurst’s The Solid Form of Language. HTML

Remembering Ted Smith
An unsung English gentleman. We miss him. HTML

You Might Not Like Me When I’m Angry
Bruce Bannerman’s transformation into the raging green giant Hulk is a disturbing reflection of America in the 21st century. HTML

The Experience of Being Understood
Requirement specification looks a lot like language acquisition. Reflecting on what Wittgenstein had to say about language acquisition suggests an unusual software development practice. HTML

Extreme Terseness
Research report presented at XP2003, Genoa, May 2003. Some languages are more agile than others. 34Kb

The Simple Art of Software
(Vector, 19.4, April 2003) Extreme Programming and the Agile Alliance promote lightweight software development. APL programmers will find much that is familiar. In fact, agile development may offer a new context for APL in the 21st century. But XP also has much that is new to us. In this article I look at what XP can add to APL development projects — and, in return, what APL brings to XP. 230Kb

A Place for Us
(Vector, 19.4, April 2003) Enlarged from remarks at the end of the APL2002 conference in Madrid. If our technology is what we say it is, why do we think it normal for our customers to have an ‘exit strategy’ for APL?

Perfect Printing
(Vector, 19.2, October 2002) APL software to write editable, printable Microsoft Word documents in RTF (Rich Text Format). 1Mb

Three Principles of Coding Clarity
(Vector, 18.4, April 2002) Clarity usually matters more than execution speed. Certain coding practices promote clarity, but as with natural languages, there are no rules you shouldn’t sometimes break. Here I look beyond some familiar Do’s and Don’ts in search of general principles. 59Kb

Persistence and Shadows
(Vector, 18.2, October 2001) Two changes are proposed to the definition of functions: that local objects might retain their values when a function leaves the execution stack, and that names might be shadowed by default rather than by declaration. 42Kb

Ki to Life
(Elle Australia, July 1997) 34Kb
My Wife Nearly Died of Fatigue
(Woman’s Day, Australia, July 1997) 61Kb

These two articles describe my then wife’s recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) through Chun Do Sun Bup training.

The One Tree
with Arthur Whitney, (APL84 Proceedings, ACM) proposed object-oriented changes to APL inspired in part by the design of Smalltalk-80. © 2003-13 Stephen Taylor
Permission to use quotes was neither sought nor obtained.

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