Invincible Summer |||

High life

Lost lost in a blue bowl the sun
sticks to its clueless path

Thousands of feet below 
dumb monster flowers 
suck light from heaven 
ignore the sun to track 
the thin plume of a northbound jet

Heaven is at the Vanderbilts 
Morning sends Mommy to New York 
the house leans lunchward 
Unable to miss her plane 
she will hear all about it when she gets back

She will tell all about it when she gets back: 
the gowns, the food, the conversation 
the amazing people 

In an exquisite bedroom 
a doll gets an afternoon chiding 
You are neither pretty, interesting, clever 
nor agreeable enough 
You need new clothes

Through the windows 
yellow light and long shadows
a field of sunflowers 
scans the sky