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A struggle for life Feb 25, 2024 philosophy & politics The Global Compassion Connectors want us to be good neighbours. It’s urgent. Notes on post-secular – 2 Feb 4, 2024 philosophy If humanity has a future it may be guided by Buddhists and Quakers. Before I forget Nov 11, 2023 philosophy & wellbeing My memory has a guardian angel. Meet Susan. Homily 1 – Education Nov 8, 2023 philosophy Advice on education for any young person desperate enough to ask for it Heroes and villeins Nov 7, 2023 philosophy After decades of corporate training programmes I thought I would be glad never again to hear the words leader and leadership. Notes on post-secular – 1 Sep 1, 2023 epistemology & myth & philosophy & post-secular Science and mythology are complementary ways to investigate and understand the world Meditation as civil resistance Aug 15, 2023 philosophy & politics & post-secular & wellbeing We are at war with Modernity. Begin by defending your connection to your inner self.