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The World’s End Book Club Aug 20, 2022 arts & politics A reading list for the end of our world Untoward occurrence at embassy poetry reading Mar 29, 2022 arts & verse A sestina by Marilyn Hacker To Go to Lvov Mar 24, 2022 arts & verse “…there was too much of Lvov, and now there isn’t any” – A poem by Adam Zagajewski Prisoners of our own device Feb 3, 2022 arts You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave. The Underground May 12, 2021 arts & poetry I come late to Heaney. The pleasure is all the sharper. Trollope May 3, 2021 arts & wellbeing Some people grasp early in life that the world is not divided into saints and monsters. For the rest of us, there is Trollope. I wish I had read him earlier. Bookshelf arts I am not wedded to my opinions – I remember where I found them. The orkestra bows out May 1, 2021 arts The Orkestra del Sol ends fifteen years of channeling musical anarchy from Latin America and the Balkans. Good luck — and thank you! Verse arts I believe poetry is indispensable, but to what, I can’t quite say. Crank it up Apr 18, 2021 arts If elevator music deadened your ear to the energy of The Four Seasons, you are not alone. Films arts We make the movie to find out why we wanted to make the movie. Animal Farm: Special illustrated edition Apr 14, 2021 arts & politics Rereading Animal Farm after half a century, I am struck by how much I dislike it. Food of love Aug 4, 2013 arts My favourite creation myth: God made humans just so he could listen to the music we make. Balkanised music Mar 20, 2009 arts would be what you get when you take a modest band fee and split it between a cartload of musicians. Appears someone had their phone Gloria gets carsick on Mondays Oct 19, 2007 arts & journal & poetry Seeking New York poets – in New York Good Deed Sep 13, 2007 arts & journal The judge is a former radical civil-liberties barrister now draped in the scarlet robes of a High Court judge and out to deliver justice in the teeth of the police, the Home Office, the Lord Chancellor’s Department and even his brother judges. Against the fragile human land Jun 29, 2007 arts & journal & politics In my dreams I’m still driving… Meantime, police in London report finding a car bomb outside a Park Lane night club, lucky things. MPs in the Broken and reassembled every day Jun 25, 2007 arts & politics & wellbeing They have had their moment of freedom. Balkan spice May 22, 2007 arts & journal Upcoming Balkan music gigs in London Balkan beats May 20, 2007 arts Three bands with the Balkan sound