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The orkestra bows out

It started 18 years ago last night.

Orkestra del Sol

In 2017, with a huge party in Edinburgh, Orkestra del Sol brought to a close fifteen years of channelling the anarchic musical energy of the Balkans.

The swagger of a Balkan wedding band – the riotous energy of Latin carnival

Cultural appropriation was never done better. Thanks for the tunes and some wonderful good times.

Why don’t we do it in the road?

Olivia Furness

Band member Olivia Furness on Why the streets? – How the street beat brings audiences and musicians alive.

But above all, more than any other reason, I love street performance because it is for everybody. It is about as inclusive as any one thing can be.

Let’s reclaim our streets and public spaces, let’s reimagine them as stages, parties and circuses and let’s invite more people to the party.

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