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Swimming to America Nov 7, 2023 journal & travel A pilgrimage to a new world Without reservations Jun 28, 2023 bikes & journal & travel Why would anyone travel the way I do? My routes have literary roots. Tour notes Jun 11, 2023 bikes & journal & travel A month on the road. What did I learn? The return of the king Sep 10, 2022 journal & politics I have never had a king, and am not sure that I want one now Remembering Bel Macdonald Aug 16, 2022 journal & memoir My mother passed away yesterday Barts hearts and faces Jul 20, 2022 journal I have been away for a bit Summer on wheels Jul 9, 2022 bikes & journal & travel Touring the East Midlands by bicycle Sandals on their way home Apr 18, 2022 humour & journal Even a journey of a thousand miles starts beneath your own feet. Cycling glove, slightly foxed Apr 3, 2022 humour & journal The fox/glove files – it was the fox wot did it How green is my valley Feb 3, 2022 journal Why this is Wales; nor am I out of it. Bergh Apton revisited Jul 25, 2021 journal & poetry Return to a country house What we saw in Roswell May 2, 2021 journal The smart money is that we are not alone. That will change the way we see ourselves. Forever. Rural rides Apr 22, 2021 journal Working from my mother’s flat in Hampshire this week. Lunch at the local pub, reached by a walk through the woods. Clause 152 defeated? Mar 8, 2009 journal & politics Straw bows to pressure over data sharing A light shines in Buckinghamshire Mar 8, 2009 journal & politics A visit to the home of John Milton Geek chic Jan 25, 2009 journal & music & software I had heard of live coding, but this was my first encounter. Back to work Jan 1, 2009 journal Six months complete change and rest. Just what the doctor ordered, apart from the champagne jelly and the motoring in Egypt. I’m back, fighting fit April diary May 1, 2008 journal Two software conferences, a hustings, a stag night and a camping holiday February diary Mar 1, 2008 journal & music Chill time as friends Seb & Aysegül Merrick took time from their demanding business to eat dinner with us. We must have gone off Valentine’s Day. December diary Dec 31, 2007 journal A Christmas market photo-shoot took us to Stow-on-the-Wold, with Maxx along for the dining room at The Grapes hotel, sadly no longer the treat it Gloria gets carsick on Mondays Oct 19, 2007 arts & journal & poetry Seeking New York poets – in New York Good Deed Sep 13, 2007 arts & journal The judge is a former radical civil-liberties barrister now draped in the scarlet robes of a High Court judge and out to deliver justice in the teeth of the police, the Home Office, the Lord Chancellor’s Department and even his brother judges. Bramley APLers Sep 5, 2007 journal & software Bunked up in Bramley Beyond my toenails Aug 9, 2007 journal Floating in the Øresund, the world’s busiest shipping channel Give war a chance Aug 2, 2007 journal & politics A claim that only an idiot or a member of the British government could believe Cultural differences Jul 15, 2007 cycling & journal & wellbeing If the English ever come to think it normal for work to be a joy, to spend one’s life working on matters one cares about, we shall have a second English Revolution at least as profound as the 17th century’s. Feeling employed Jul 12, 2007 journal & software One of the subtle pleasures of growing older is exploring one’s own pathologies. This month I am once again employed, after a decade of A sudden bonfire Jul 7, 2007 politics & journal Anyone who has aspired to write science fiction or fantasy might reasonably take heart from the popularity of writers such as Neil Gaiman, who is Against the fragile human land Jun 29, 2007 arts & journal & politics In my dreams I’m still driving… Meantime, police in London report finding a car bomb outside a Park Lane night club, lucky things. MPs in the Falling towards England Jun 29, 2007 journal Hardly a ballistic parabola, falling towards England… i-it’s more like a rubber band, snapping me home. Paris by lunchtime and I’m much encouraged Ancient beach towns Jun 27, 2007 journal Alassio, Liguria Snapped awake and alert at 4.30am. A dream voice still echoing a soft Irish brogue in my ear: “He is vicious to you, John, the Enough bitterness Jun 23, 2007 food & journal Saturday morning and my colazione inglese alla Milanese for Stefano: ciabatta, buttered eggs with basil, sliced tomatoes fried with pancetta. Topped Desire and cocktails Jun 22, 2007 journal We spend a third of our lives asleep and much of the rest being run around by sex. We have scarcely any idea how all this works. Crema notes Jun 17, 2007 journal Travel notes from Crema, Lombardy Cremona notes Jun 16, 2007 journal Travel notes from Cremona, Lombardy APL news Jun 6, 2007 journal & software A day at the APL moot in Tuscany Balkan spice May 22, 2007 arts & journal Upcoming Balkan music gigs in London Bicycles beyond Brentwood May 22, 2007 journal A sally into Essex