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Nuclear-armed rogue states May 24, 2016 politics & views Who more flagrantly breaches the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Iran or Britain? The Sixth Extinction May 24, 2014 politics & views The Earth’s fossil record shows five mass extinctions, in which many or most species disappeared over a few months or centuries. We are now nearing the end of the Sixth. War on Terror May 24, 2013 politics & views The “War on Terror” is a monstrous sham, a catch-all slogan spun onto the 9/11 attack and now available to justify domestic repression, violence Terror is a tactic Sep 3, 2012 politics & views Terror is a tactic used successfully by states and groups alike. Its essence is violence to civilians; any weapon qualifies. A letter to my MP Apr 9, 2009 politics & views It appears clear there are difficult questions to be answered about the death of Ian Tomlinson, and there must be an inquiry into it, and what Contemptible to be rich? Feb 1, 2009 politics & views Nothing could be more remote from Socialist ideals than the competitive scramble of a society which pays lip-service to equality, but too often means by it merely equal opportunities of becoming unequal. A climate change for protest Aug 11, 2007 politics & views The government is encouraging the police to use anti-terrorism powers to “deal robustly” with the climate protesters at Heathrow airport, according Creole technology May 22, 2007 software & views Crafts are characterised by deep study and practice, small teams and relatively simple tools, well understood. The smartest programmers I know work alone and with a simple text editor and a command shell.