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Before I forget Nov 11, 2023 philosophy & wellbeing My memory has a guardian angel. Meet Susan. Meditation as civil resistance Aug 15, 2023 philosophy & politics & post-secular & wellbeing We are at war with Modernity. Begin by defending your connection to your inner self. Crispbread economics May 16, 2021 food & wellbeing Swedes know things. About economics. Days are of two kinds May 6, 2021 wellbeing Days are of two kinds, alike and not Trollope May 3, 2021 arts & wellbeing Some people grasp early in life that the world is not divided into saints and monsters. For the rest of us, there is Trollope. I wish I had read him earlier. Rediscovering our animal nature Apr 17, 2021 politics & wellbeing The trouble started after Eden. We began seeing ourselves as separate from the natural world. Destined for an afterlife. We need to accept our mortality. Among the many things Billy Pilgrim could not change were the past, the present, and the future. Apr 14, 2021 wellbeing — Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five Hydrogen peroxide Jul 5, 2009 wellbeing In dilution, hydrogen peroxide is an effective and inexpensive disinfectant – and seems to stimulate healing. Waking up to the importance of sleep Apr 14, 2009 wellbeing A startling scientific paper reported alarming cognitive damage from repeatedly getting a little less than a full night’s sleep. I stopped setting my alarm clock. Cultural differences Jul 15, 2007 cycling & journal & wellbeing If the English ever come to think it normal for work to be a joy, to spend one’s life working on matters one cares about, we shall have a second English Revolution at least as profound as the 17th century’s. Broken and reassembled every day Jun 25, 2007 arts & politics & wellbeing They have had their moment of freedom. Career watch May 23, 2007 politics & wellbeing What will we not do for money and status?