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Rediscovering our animal nature


Land Mammals, by

Will Self on civilisation as a project to dodge death. Do those of us concerned about the ecology catastrophe want to protect life on Earth – or primarily humans?

The trouble started after Eden. We began seeing ourselves as separate from the natural world. Destined for an afterlife. We need to accept our mortality.

A podcast in the RSA’s Bridges to the Future series.

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The Sixth Extinction: species are mortal too.

Sand Talk

Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World
by Tyson Yunkaporta

An aboriginal Australian academic: I keep hearing how we need to learn from indigenous cultures. I don’t know what should be learned, but I can tell you how western civilisation looks to us.

Civilisations are city-based. They destroy their environments. None of them has lasted a thousand years. Their ruins are found in deserts.

The Old Guard

Immortality as a curse.

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