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Your right to bare arms Jan 13, 2023 software & humour Your next lawyer might be an AI chatbot. Yes, you should worry. Y q? Nov 9, 2022 software Why would you want to write in the q programming language? All that jazz: The librarian’s song Apr 30, 2022 software Using q to hack metadata for Apple Music The founding of Iverson College Mar 22, 2022 memoir & software APL, J, k, q – how we came together The rest is silence Sep 1, 2021 software Breaking the silence around tacit programming What makes a language flourish? Jun 7, 2021 software What makes certain programming languages flourish while others languish? What have natural languages to teach us in this? Learning vector programming May 15, 2021 software In learning q most of us have to drop the habit of edging into a solution with loops and think instead in vector operations. The transition can be both awkward and exhilarating. A plea for simplicity May 8, 2021 software With respect sir, I think you will find that it does have a use, and it will fucking bang things. Geek chic Jan 25, 2009 journal & music & software I had heard of live coding, but this was my first encounter. Concentrating wealth and power Sep 14, 2007 politics & software The rich have reversed the egalitarian progress of the mid-20th century, concentrating their wealth and power to levels not seen since the 1920s. Bramley APLers Sep 5, 2007 journal & software Bunked up in Bramley Feeling employed Jul 12, 2007 journal & software One of the subtle pleasures of growing older is exploring one’s own pathologies. This month I am once again employed, after a decade of APL news Jun 6, 2007 journal & software A day at the APL moot in Tuscany Creole technology May 22, 2007 software & views Crafts are characterised by deep study and practice, small teams and relatively simple tools, well understood. The smartest programmers I know work alone and with a simple text editor and a command shell.