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Learning vector programming

Ken Iverson, Turing Award winner

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In learning q most of us have to drop the habit of edging into a solution with loops and think instead in vector operations. The transition can be both awkward and exhilarating. It is harder if you are a solo student without vector-savvy colleagues to learn from. 

Is that you? Consider taking part in my research project. I intend to discover how best to help students like you through the transition. The end result will be online self-study resources, but the project starts with online workshops. I will lead a small group through some simple puzzles, starting with loops, and finding vector solutions. We will get familiar with (a) taking a loopy solution into vector form and (b) starting from scratch with a vector approach. 

To take part you will already be writing q scripts; you are interested in improving your skills and getting a firmer grip on the language.

If you are interested, please DM me as

To be clear:

  • This is not an introduction to the q programming language. It is for people who have already begun writing q.
  • There is no charge for the training and no assurance you will get anything from it. This is a research project.
  • The training is not offered by KX but by me personally.

That said, I fully expect you will learn something you value, enjoy the process, and make personal connections that last longer than the workshop.

About me

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I was a developer in fintech when Ken Iverson trained me as an APL instructor. Since then I

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