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Your right to bare arms

Your next lawyer might be an AI chatbot. Considering what Autocorrect already does to my communications, we have every reason to worry.

Exercise your right to bare arms

Charlton Heston

Baring arms, Hollywood style.

Bare arms Bare arms Bare arms

And those cold, dead hands.

You’re right to arm bears

Armed bear Armed bear

Can we expect armed bears to “shoot back at crime”?

Your right to free peach

Free peach Free peach

Wee the people

Wee people

In economics, the so called “trickle-down effect” is mainly the rich urinating upon the poor.

Wee the people

Barbarians at the gate

Scandinavian backpackers exercise their right to Rome

Scandinavian backpackers exercise their right to Rome.


All pictures produced by the Dream Studio bot.

Suburban conga
The bland leading the bland

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