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Paul Mansour’s APL moot, San Quirico d’Orcia, Tuscany

Morten Kromberg of Dyalog demonstrated a Unicode-happy interpreter, whipping up a chessboard as an 8×8 character array and demonstrating board='♙' yields an 8×8 boolean.

Stefano Lanzavecchia, wizard of everything that about to happen, ran from Dyalog Microsoft’s experimental Jasper object-relational interface, noting that this useful-looking tool appears restricted to dynamic languages. (Dyalog and VB can play, but C# cannot.)

Cloud and moot
Blue skies, few clouds: Participants gather on the terrace at the Palazzo del Capitano

Richard Smith showed his latest additions to the interpreter for his experimental Rowan array language. Rowan is written in C# and composed largely from .Net assemblies. True to creole technology principles, it is guided by what is easy for the interpreter writer to construct. Richard showed us his depth and where operators; full support for Unicode characters (his square-root function uses √ as its symbol); inline charting (the chart is displayed in the session log) and plugins for defining new functions. Way to go, Richard.

Today is a holiday; the moot resumes tomorrow.

Up next La Vita Nuova Here we are in Tuscany, homeland of Dante. His collection of sonnets La Vita Nuova (new life) did much for the establishment in European culture of Today in Tuscany Paul Mansour’s APL moot, San Quirico d’Orcia, Tuscany Fred, our – condottiere? corriere? – led a party yesterday on a foray to the Florentine
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