Invincible Summer |||

In place

in memory of Christiane Cassel, d. 1979

Nobody ever wants death: it is 
an end to wanting; nothing more 
to hold. On the dark floor 
nothing will be satisfied.

Nobody wants death I thought 
but you did and you got it secretly 
settling your affairs from the ward. 
Then cunning and deceit obtained 
your last release. On the dark floor 
everything has been resolved. 

Nothing was resolved. This 
is where ghosts come from 
and you haunt me. Living, 
I stay where you wouldn’t: 
on the dark floor, wrestling turgid air. 

Everyone wants death profoundly 
needing their release from hurt 
and all the wanting: 
the dark floor takes it all. 

The heart longs to give it, 
longs for the life beyond death 
no wrestling on the floor, 
itself released and with it everything 
in place, unconquered.