Invincible Summer |||

Odysseus’ eyes

You will not find what you seek
in the steep streets of Ilium


He’s married. You know 
that marks him beyond desire 
and marks his circumspect attentions 
faulty. I whisper at lunch to you 
that no good will come and listen 
to you wonder deliciously what’s wrong 
between him and his lovely wife. 

There’s nothing wrong. 
They all have lovely wives and married eyes 
that show caution to the wind. 
They fear you a little. 
They fear your fresh laughter, their desire 
for you, and what they want to do. 

It is not one woman he fails 
to give to now but two. Instead 
of surrender you share a dream 
in which he finds himself with you. 

Vain friend: Circe and Calypso too 
were each once beautiful as you.