Invincible Summer |||


Peter Mosley

In the Museum of Modern Art
is an acorn.
Not an Andy Warhol replica of an acorn
or a made in Japan
plastic toy acorn.
It is a natural
the type that grows on oak trees
there are no oak trees
in this Museum of Modern Art.
Some person
who may, or may not, be an artist
has gathered this acorn
brought it here
and exhibited it in a glass case.
A neatly written card
beneath the plinth
carries the information
‘Acorn. By J W R Eaglestrophe et al.
 London and elsewhere. Various dates
 up to last Thursday.’
Summer visitors
will only see the acorn
smile and mutter
yes, but is it art?
In time, who knows, it could become valuable;
the world’s first £10,000 acorn.

The Museum of Modern Art has other treasures too
some of which pass unnoticed
like the ever-growing heap
of Coca-Cola cans
lying in the trash bin.