Invincible Summer |||

Why don’t you write?

Why don’t you write? It’s been so long. 
And when you write it’s platitudes. The usual 
I miss you. We all do. It’s been so long. 
Why don’t you write? 

Why don’t you write? We would like to hear. 
Even the usual complaint. 
A few short lines. Not elegant. 
What’s going on. 

What is going on? Drop us a line. 
Yes, we are like fish here, in the dark. 
A postcard. Anything. A line. 

We think about you a lot. 
We love you. 
What’s new? 

You’ll get this. When you get back. 

It’s been so long. 

Hope you’re all right. 
Hope you’re OK. 
We all send love. 
You probably need money. 
Love from all of us. 

All for now. Racing. No time to read. Run for the post. 

Is something wrong? Please write.