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Invincible summer
Hydrogen peroxide Jul 5, 2009 wellbeing In dilution, hydrogen peroxide is an effective and inexpensive disinfectant – and seems to stimulate healing. John is John Jun 18, 2009 Just another John?‘Freeborn John’ Lilburne,17th-century championof civil liberty.“So prosecute me.” David Hume once remarked that the English had Waking up to the importance of sleep Apr 14, 2009 wellbeing A startling scientific paper reported alarming cognitive damage from repeatedly getting a little less than a full night’s sleep. I stopped setting my alarm clock. Very nicely put. I think I may steal bits of this … Apr 10, 2009 Very nicely put. I think I may steal bits of this when I write over the weekend. Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery :-) A letter to my MP Apr 9, 2009 politics & views It appears clear there are difficult questions to be answered about the death of Ian Tomlinson, and there must be an inquiry into it, and what Remembering Tom Guthrie Apr 8, 2009 Vera & Tom Guthrie I’m sad to record the passing of Tom Guthrie, peacefully in Berry, NSW on 6 April. Tom was a great spirit, a man’s man. Growing Ian Tomlinson’s last moments alive Apr 8, 2009 Conor Gearty and the “convention of cant” Mar 24, 2009 politics Conor Gearty accuses the Convention on Modern Liberty of inflating concern about civil liberties into a moral panic. His attack is a useful opportunity to dispel some comforting illusions. Balkanised music Mar 20, 2009 arts would be what you get when you take a modest band fee and split it between a cartload of musicians. Appears someone had their phone I enjoyed this article very much, thankyou Stephen… Mar 9, 2009 I enjoyed this article very much, thankyou Stephen. Sometimes I find it hard to put my finger on exactly why privacy should be important; it’s an Why privacy matters Mar 8, 2009 We fail to defend our privacy because we fail to understand it. The word privacy doesn’t suggest anything very important. Perhaps it suggests the Clause 152 defeated? Mar 8, 2009 journal & politics Straw bows to pressure over data sharing A light shines in Buckinghamshire Mar 8, 2009 journal & politics A visit to the home of John Milton Freedom in peril Mar 3, 2009 Don’t get it yet? Feb 15, 2009 politics For those still struggling to see why this event is important and urgent, a video mash-up from the Convention on Modern Liberty on 28 February. Most Republic of two Feb 5, 2009 Why watch so many films? (I sometimes ask myself.) Our collective dreams interest me more than my own do. Lt Ellen Ripley There is some part of the Contemptible to be rich? Feb 1, 2009 politics & views Nothing could be more remote from Socialist ideals than the competitive scramble of a society which pays lip-service to equality, but too often means by it merely equal opportunities of becoming unequal. Hit me! Jan 31, 2009 To the Edgar Wallace pub in Essex St yesterday afternoon for the now-monthly meeting of the London chapter of the British APL Association and a pint Full employment Jan 28, 2009 view & work What do you want to make happen so much that, if you needed to and could afford it, you would pay to be allowed to work on it? Geek chic Jan 25, 2009 journal & music & software I had heard of live coding, but this was my first encounter. Next page