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Invincible Summer
The pot-boy’s story Mar 9, 2022 memoir & verse My father never liked small cars. Prisoners of our own device Feb 3, 2022 arts You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave. How green is my valley Feb 3, 2022 journal Why this is Wales; nor am I out of it. The ghost in the shell Jan 27, 2022 law & politics How to free Britain from anonymous shell companies Policing protests in Glasgow Nov 9, 2021 community & politics I volunteered in Glasgow as a LegaL Observer at the COP26 demonstrations and protests, and was joined on the street by MSPs Monica Lennon and Paul McLennan, who invited me to report on the policing. Why don’t we do it in the road? Oct 31, 2021 community We party in the street from time to time and help each other where we can. But we are not the first to do it. The democracy of narcissism Oct 24, 2021 politics The Sixties heralded a new era: the personal became political. Or, Andrew Marr argues, it just suited a new economic system: politics was replaced by shopping. The rest is silence Sep 1, 2021 software Breaking the silence around tacit programming Bergh Apton revisited Jul 25, 2021 journal & poetry Return to a country house What makes a language flourish? Jun 7, 2021 software What makes certain programming languages flourish while others languish? What have natural languages to teach us in this? A duty of care Jun 1, 2021 politics What might fairly be described as the greatest inter-generational injustice ever inflicted by one generation of humans upon the next. Crispbread economics May 16, 2021 food & wellbeing Swedes know things. About economics. Learning vector programming May 15, 2021 software In learning q most of us have to drop the habit of edging into a solution with loops and think instead in vector operations. The transition can be both awkward and exhilarating. The Underground May 12, 2021 arts & poetry I come late to Heaney. The pleasure is all the sharper. The Post Office scandal May 11, 2021 politics The managers who prosecuted hundreds of sub-postmasters to conceal faults in the Post Office’s accounting systems must be charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. A plea for simplicity May 8, 2021 software With respect sir, I think you will find that it does have a use, and it will fucking bang things. BoJo the clown May 7, 2021 politics Is the prime minister Britain’s best clown ever? Days are of two kinds May 6, 2021 wellbeing Days are of two kinds, alike and not Trollope May 3, 2021 arts & wellbeing Some people grasp early in life that the world is not divided into saints and monsters. For the rest of us, there is Trollope. I wish I had read him earlier. What we saw in Roswell May 2, 2021 journal The smart money is that we are not alone. That will change the way we see ourselves. Forever. Next page