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Remembering Bel Macdonald

Bel Macdonald
Isobel Dick Macdonald, née Patrick (1930-05-24 – 2022-07-21)

My mother, Bel Macdonald, died peacefully yesterday morning at her home in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. She passed away exactly as she had hoped to do: in her own bed, quickly, her hand held by people who cared for her.

She is survived by her daughters Joanne Taylor and Caroline Douglas, and by me, her son Stephen, who also knew her as ”Maxx” from the signatures on her letters.

In recent years she wrote mostly SMS text messsages from a decidedly non-smart phone.

The tail of our message log:

Monday 10:45

U seem to be thinking I am being critical of dentist,when I think she has been amazingly cooperative.I am just concerned that u are not still planning to come to AUG 3.appt as u originally planned and CARO ALSO SEEMS TO THINK I WAS EXPECTING U TO BE ABLE TO DO MORE. DONT THINK U OR I UP TO MUCH AT THE MO AND GLADLY OPT OUT OF THIS CONVERSATION OK ? xxx .

Good, yes, leave it for now.

Thank u! Am being trdatf so wek here CHARLOUE BAS BT IN MYFAV CEEREAJ

Wednesday 12:06

Our respective years in Japan and Australia taught us how to keep the flat comfortable! Miki made cold buckwheat noodles, served in an iced sauce. And we were able to shelter an upstairs neighbour from her hotbox flat. Today so beautiful: a breeze in the low twenties never felt better.

Thursday 10:43

I hear your request to move on might have been heard at last. I would be there if I could. Though we have said it all already, here it is again. Thank you for my life. Thank you for EVERYTHING. It’s been a wonderful ride. I’m so glad we had our time together. Love you always. xxxS

More later.

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