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More talk in Tuscany

Paul Mansour’s APL moot, San Quirico d’Orcia, Tuscany

John Scholes of Dyalog on higher-order operators, giving writers access to more results from the parser before anything is evaluated. Much use of acronym WIBNI.

Discouraged by labyrinthine Joomla! I showed how simply a folder full of content files could be mapped to layout positions in a ‘template’ APLS file, using Stefano Lanzavecchia’s WildServer APL web server, and a simple SiteMap object.

Veli-Matti Jantunen displayed the data structures behind the Statistics Finland website and how PX Edit and mapped files are used to maintain them.

Yesterday again cool with occasional thunderstorms. Drove after the moot session with Gilgamesh over to Montalcino and admired the cloud-soaked valleys and hazed-out hills. Exhausted by hours and hours of conversation (Miki’s been taking Italian lessons in Montepulciano) we declined dinner in favour of the astronomically high thread-count of our bedlinen.

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