Invincible Summer |||

San Quirico, south of Sienna

Paul Mansour’s APL moot, San Quirico d’Orcia, Tuscany

Banquet last night outside Montalcino, after a late afternoon at the hot springs at Bade Vignono. The weather has finally turned, leaving us in clear hot sunshine; the landscape glowed as our convoy drove over from San Quirico. Group photos, then courses without number. (We couldn’t agree on the count.) And Orcia wines. Cannot believe this morning how I can wake feeling so well after all that.

Now Paul Mansour is demonstrating the GUI he has made for his flipdb server, and how he’s used flipdb itself to store its own international settings.

Adrian Smith argued for a single (but reconfigurable) keyboard mapping for all the APLs.

Morten Kromberg previewed the ‘birds of a feather’ session on domain-specific languages planned for XP2007 in Como the week after next.

Caloo calay: we’re booked into Peralta for a few nights before Milan.

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