Invincible summer |||

Italian notes

Back in Milan now after Crema and Cremona, without Miki, who no longer looks like rejoining me for the drive home.

Where in the world do people eat Italian food every day of the week and still manage to stay slender and stylish?

McDonalds everywhere, even (with tasteful black and gold signage) in the galleria beside the Duomo, alongside Burger King and Italy’s own and respectable Autogrill, saving grace of the autostrade. But not a Starbucks in sight. How’s that? Is there no market here for Italian coffee? (Uh, wait a minute…)

Curious typesetting practice: setting paragraphs closed and unindented, so they can be individuated only, and not always, from their right edges. Spotted in Maurizio’s medical textbook, where I thought it was an error, then hours later on a restaurant menu. Another triumph of style over function?

It’s rubbish about Italians being ineffective. I’ve seen they can apply themselves with discipline, passion and organisation to achieve great things. I just wish they would keep going after they’ve dressed themselves.

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