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Kome back to Karavados

We’re back in Karavados on Kefalonia, this time staying with friends Zakis & Theodora Kounadis. The pictures Miki posted last year snagged her an assignment photographing a wedding on the island this year. My software writing allowed me to tag along at the last minute, surfing Zakis & Theodora’s sofa. We’ve been helping them press grapes for this year’s wine (a bit) and swimming again down at St Thomas beach.

The wedding took us to Agia Efimia, quite the prettiest part of the island we’ve seen, with a ceremony conducted by a heavily moustached mayor, dinner at the Paradise Beach taverna, and dancing on a terrace by the harbour. Home again, laden with thyme honey made by a relative of Zakis, and the crisp dry Robola wine that Miki likes so well.

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