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November diary

Getting real but getting it wrong about carbon emissions, I used trains and a ferry to get myself and my bike back to Denmark for a 3-week push on Dyalog’s new CRM system that turned into 4. Great way to travel: although the trip took 24 hours instead of 9, it was mostly productive time – I can work on trains and ferries. Next time I’ll try the train route, with advice from The Man in Seat Sixty-One.

A lone pirate in Copenhagen
A pirate in Copenhagen

Couchsurfing found me Annika Rosenström as a generous guide to the Helsingborg area, and Guxi Abel, who introduced me to Balkan music lovers in Copenhagen, the Caipirinha and more besides. Shades of M. Hulot: I wound up one evening kitted out as a pirate, apparently the only guest invited to a costume party. (But then, Hulot did get to dance with the blonde.)

Up next October notes October started in New Jersey and ended in Denmark. Spennie & Pamela invited us to lunch at home and I managed to tear the bike rack off the car on December diary
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