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The Post Office scandal

Today In Focus podcast

To the Justice for Subpostmasters Alliance:

Shocked to learn about this today from the Guardian podcast. Your campaign for a public inquiry is entirely understandable but I fear a public inquiry inadequate to deal with what has occurred.

At the core of the wrongdoing appears to have been a decision to continue prosecuting subpostmasters rather than acknowledge IT problems and the consequences of earlier prosecutions. Prior to that decision, prosecutions might be defended as errors. Prosecutions subsequent to it were a conspiracy to pervert the court of justice, a very serious crime. The conspirators should now themselves face prosecution, with joint-enterprise provisions to catch everyone who knew the truth, or who should have known it. Custodial sentences should be considered.

Action on the above is not a political matter. You should not have to campaign for it. A complaint to the police should suffice. In reality, support from MPs would be useful.

The whole sorry business required the Post Office’s privilege of bringing prosecutions without review by the Attorney General. That privilege should now be ended, and would be a suitable goal for your campaign.

I am not a lawyer, but please feel free to get in touch if you cannot see your way forward.

Kind regards
Stephen Taylor FRSA
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